A brand new trial plant to develop cutting edge food products from brewing yeast by-products.


European food tech upscaler uses patented technology to extract protein and fibre ingredients from brewer’s yeast. These upcycled food ingredients, with low CO2 footprint, are highly functional and ideally suited to replace animal proteins and E numbers like methylcellulose and egg white. The ingredients are highly versatile and can be used in different food applications such as meat analogues, fried snacks, pasta, sauces and bakery products. The customer is currently working to scale up production to over 100 tons per year in order to enable multiple commercial launches with its customers.


We were approached to assist in the build of the new plant. We provided:


This is a good example where Electroserv can demonstrate our ability to provide a multi-skilled, turnkey solution from the User Requirement Specification (URS).

For a period post-installation we will continue to support the customer by providing technical support and scheduled instrument calibration/verification services as required.

If you have a similar job that you’d like us to provide a no-obligation quote for then please call 01625 618526 or email sales@electroserv.co.uk

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