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At Electroserv+ we have an extensive range of thyristors available.

These electronic power switches are used to control the power to a process such as a furnace or oven, to achieve high efficiency with accuracy.

Our thyristors come with various features and options such as phase angle (P.A.), phase angle start fast cycle (PA start FC), power feedback, partial load failure (PLF), overload circuit, current limit, inhibit or enable, delayed triggering and power control.

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Simple Thyristors

Electroserv+ offers a simple and compact low-cost family of solid state switches. These units are designed to replace contactors and can operate with up to 700A loads.

The Electroserv+ thyristor has been developed over time with specific customer function requests in mind. Therefore the Electroserv+ E3000S is a simple thyristor with a vast application coverage.

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Programmable Thyristors

Our range of programmable thyristors combine a high level of functionality and configurability with simplistic setup and operation to provide you with a compact, fully featured power controller. Electroserv+ has specific models that are highly configurable and can be adapted for current and future requirements using a software key to purchase additional functionality when desired. This flexibility within the thyristor allows you to purchase one thyristor to cover a range of current loads.

Advanced configurable firing modes allow close matching to load characteristics, giving you maximum process efficiency.

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