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Temperature Control & Measurement

Electroserv+ can provide temperature sensing and measurement equipment with the features you need to keep control of the most difficult of processes. Our experienced advisors will work with you and suggest the best solution for your application and budget.

Innovative technology ensures our cost-effective transmitters will handle even the most demanding applications and will integrate into existing process control systems across a variety of industries from heat treatment to oil & gas, life sciences, power, chemical, pulp & paper, metals & mining, water & wastewater and many others.

At Electroserv+ we offer gauges, thermocouples, thermowells and multivariable transmitters, with a range of process connections, corrosion resistant materials, performance levels, and digital communication protocols.

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Temperature Controllers

Electroserv+ offers a wide range of products with features to improve quality, reduce waste and keep data safe. Our temperature controllers use market-leading control algorithms and recording and data management systems to add value to industrial processes. They are easy to use and reduce engineering time.

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Temperature Indicators / Alarms

The Eurotherm range of indicators and alarm units available from Electroserv+ provide accurate temperature or process measurement, clear indication with alphanumeric messaging and versatile alarming strategies.

Our indicators and alarm units are available in four standard DIN formats and complement our range of world-class PID controllers.

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Temperature Programmers

Electroserv+ offers a comprehensive and cost effective range of single loop and multi loop temperature controllers, process indicators and alarm units with advanced functionality including math, logic, timing and set-point programming.

Here at Electroserv+ you can choose from a vast range of products designed by a company with over 40 years of control expertise.

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Temperature Recorders

Data recorders can be used when data needs to be logged over an extended period of time.

Collection of data is often required for compliance with industry regulations, particularly in Heat Treatment (AMS2750) and Life Sciences (21 CFR).

At Electroserv+ our temperature records provide secure data storage and easy access to process records.

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Temperature Sensors

At Electroserv+ we understand the importance of accuracy, flexibility, stability and speed.

We offer a broad array of Honeywell temperature sensors, each designed to provide enhanced reliability, repeatability, precision, and responsiveness.

Our temperature sensors are designed to maximize your component and product performance for most applications.

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Temperature Transmitters

Our Temperature transmitters and sensors convert industrial process temperature signals to analog, bus or digital communication.

We combine our transmitters with our high quality and competitively priced sensors to offer you a complete, one-stop integrated solution which starts at your temperature measurement point. Explore the devices below.

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