We offer our project management capabilities to all our customers and can be flexible and agile to their current needs.

Whether you need end-to-end project management or support on smaller elements of a project, we can work with you to deliver the optimal outcome. We pride ourselves on our ability to build excellent and long-lasting relationships with our customers. The trust our customers have in Electroserv is testament to our unrivalled customer service.

Our dedicated and experienced project managers and engineers strive to deliver through all phases of the project lifecycle. Including from concept to completion into beneficial operation, whilst honouring the project constraints of scope, time and budget safely and to the satisfaction of all key stakeholders.

From the first contact, we listen and continue to listen to what our customers want and need. We consult, negotiate and plan so that we can deliver the best expected service our clients deserve. Through discussion we promote thought and inspire to reach agreement so that ultimately, we deliver what the customer expects.

We commit to:

With a genuine understanding that every customer is different, we adapt and fine tune to meet our customers’ requirements. Whether you want one of our engineers to fully integrate into your team, you only need support for electrical control and instrumentation, or the focus is solely on automation, we can provide the relevant project management service.

Our expertise is adaptable across any part of the project, so we can input or offer advice at any stage, we are not confined to end-to-end project management only.

We operate on a bespoke basis with every customer across a large selection of industries from aerospace and automotive to food and beverage, petro-chemicals and fine chemicals, power stations, ceramics and clay, pharmaceutical and more.

Additional Services


Electroserv can offer UKAS accredited or traceable calibration and certification across a variety of process and measurement disciplines, including Temperature, Pressure, Electrical, Flow, Humidity, Analytical and other measurement parameters.

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Electroserv has internal expertise in DSEAR Compliance services from initial assessments to equipment inspections and installation rectification. Electroserv can operate as a “one stop shop” for your DSEAR compliance needs.

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Turnkey Solutions

Electroserv offers full turnkey solutions to customers to ensure their day-to-day operations are not affected. Our project managers can take full control of the job and all parties involved, whilst integrating into existing business processes without disruption.

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