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Programmers / Profilers

At Electroserv+ we provide a range of programmers and profilers that are ideal for creating and executing a temperature program for heating and cooling your product.

Programmers and profilers are used to create a series of set points, for example setting an oven for heat treatment at one temperature for a period of time and then at a different temperature for another length of time.

Electroserv+ provides programmers and profilers that are used in ovens, furnaces, fridges, freezers, reactors, tanks and vessels and baths.

For precision control of process measurement and a host of other process variables with an abundance of advanced options, the range of products available from Electroserv+ is the most adaptable on the market.

Single loop programmer

Electroserv+ stocks some of the best and most trusted profilers on the market, including products from manufacturers such as Eurotherm and West.

Our single loop controllers provide precise temperature and process control.

Easy to operate with quick start codes, automatic help text, custom text messages and auto-tuning, these instruments offer a host of advanced features including heater failure detection, timer, set point programmer, and recipe feature.

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Multi-loop programmer

The multi loop controllers supplied by Electroserv+ are used to control a thermal or process machine in systems that need more than one control loop within a single system.

With flexible I/O options to control and measure a multitude of processes including temperature, carbon potential, humidity, flow, pressure, level, viscosity and additive dosing, multi loop controllers are capable of small machine control with advanced features and options.

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