Technologic K39T

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Electroserv K39T PID Controller

The K38 and K39 are powerful single and dual display microprocessor PID controllers. These instruments have a vast array of features whilst remaining logical to program.

Suitable for heating and industrial cooling applications.

  • Single or dual display
  • Auto tuning PID or on/off control selectable
  • Fuzzy logic overshoot control
  • T/C, RTD, NTC,PTC,mA or 0/1-0-10 v input
  • Up to 2 outputs relay or SSR
  • Integral timer as standard
  • 4 segment programmer as standard
  • Customizable menu structure
  • Programming key
  • UL approved

Product Information:

Model: K39T HCRR – Q – UK
Supply: 10 … 240VAC
Input tc (J, K, S, R, T)/mV/Pt100
Out 1 Relay
Out 2 Relay

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