Eurotherm EPack Lite 3PH

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Eurotherm 3 Phase Lite Compact Power Controller

The end user, the machine builder or the system integrator expects the best solutions in terms of performance, ease of use and reliability in order to control the energy delivered to their process.

Eurotherm EPackTM Lite-3PH Compact SCR Power Controllers offer a simplified feature set for fast commissioning without compromise on performance. They provide a high level of quality, accuracy and reliability to the process. The products are an ideal solution for the control of non variable resistive, primary transformer and short wave infrared loads. Synchronous control of each phase results in improved accuracy, even if the loads are unbalanced. The EPack Lite product combines simplicity of setup and operation in a compact format. The configurable firing modes allow close matching to load characteristics to optimise process efficiency.

  • Help maximize yield with accurate and repeatable control
  • Fast integration and commissioning with user display
  • Ease of operation and maintenance
  • Simplified design reduces stock and spares holding

Unique Features

  • Large voltage capability from 100V to 500V adjustable in the same variant
  • Fast start up with ‘Quick Start’ or ‘Clone Code’ features
  • Adjustable control mode V2 or I2 control or open loop
  • Wide range of firing modes: variable modulation burst firing, fixed modulation period & logic
  • Built-in measurements: current, voltage, impedance and more
  • Load fault detection up to 1 element of 6
  • SCCR 100kA with fuse

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Spec sheet

Maximum Current


1) If non variable resistive or primary transformer load type is used: Calculate the maximum current of the load by taking into account of load resistive tolerance (tolerance and variation due to temperature) and voltage tolerance. --> With voltage tolerance of +10% and load resistance manufacture tolerance of +/- 5% and load resistance variation in temperature of +/- 7% the product rating have to be equal or greater than 1.25 x I load nominal (where 1.25 = 1.1/(0.93x0.95)). Failure to follow these instructions will result in death or serious injury. 3) If SWIR (Short Wave Infrared) load type is used: --> With SWIR Load, select SWIR (Infrared) as Heater type. If SWIR is selected as Heater type, select the product current rating greater than or equal to 125% of MAXIMUM current of the SWIR load WITHOUT taking in account the inrush current due to load variation in temperature. Adjust the duration of the safety ramp (SafetyRamp) and the cooling time of the load (SWIRLoadCoolingTime), to limit the RMS load inrush current SWIR to less than 2.5 times the product current rating. With voltage tolerance of +10% and load resistance manufacture tolerance of +/- 10% the product rating have to be equal or greater than 1.53 x I load nominal (where 1.53 = 1.25 x 1.1/0.90). Failure to follow these instructions can result in death, serious injury or equipment damage.

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