We manufacture thermocouples Type K, N, T, J, R, S & B and RTDs 2-wire to 4-wire PT100, PTC and PT2. Our expert advisors will make sure you choose the most suitable one for your temperature sensing application, whether you’re working with plastic machinery applications, heat-treating furnaces, glass furnace control, food processing equipment, laboratories or industrial ovens.

The best temperature sensors distinguish real values from signal noise. Combine this with the advanced PID algorithms of the control equipment we offer to get optimum closed loop response.

We work very hard to ensure we consistently provide the best solutions, quality products and the highest level of customer service. Our quality system is approved to ISO 9001:2015 and ISOIEC17025:2017.

We stock numerous types of thermocouple cable. Our vast range includes single and multi-pairs ranging from two to twenty-four pairs. We offer cables with heat resistant PVC, flame retardant PVC, XLPE / LS0H, Mica / XLPE / LS0H, PFA / PTFE, fibre-glass or silicone rubber insulation. Bespoke cables can usually be manufactured or adapted quickly, and can also be supplied in small quantities to suit your application requirements

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