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Process Recorders

Electroserv+ supplies a wide range of products for data recording, archiving, and management.

A data recorder provides secure data storage and easy access to process records, often required for compliance with industry regulations, particularly in Heat Treatment (AMS2750) and Life Sciences (21 CFR).

We offer a vast array of hardware and software options within our recorders to provide temperature, pressure and flow input capability. These options can be added in the field as and when you need them.

We also provide supporting software so that you can configure online and offline, as well as remotely viewing real time data, creating historical charts and running application specific reports.

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Temperature Recorders

Electroserv+ offers a best-in-class range of temperature recorders, designed for the Heat Treating Industry.

With instant on accuracy, an overall max error of +/-0.5°F and high stability to minimize drift, these recorders have specifically been designed to help you meet the requirements of AMS2750E (Table 3 Specification - Field Test Instrument +/-1°F).

Suitable for any small or medium sized furnace, the TUS temperature has 15 thermocouple inputs and is portable and extremely versatile.

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Paper Recorders

At Electroserv+ we have a superb variety of strip chart recorders, from simple, analogue display, preconfigured units with a single input, to those with advanced features, serial communications and more than 90 inputs.

We also supply an array of spare parts and refills including ink pens, chart paper, drives etc.

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Graphic Recorders

Electroserv+ offers adaptable and secure data recorders with features that enable validation to 21 CFR Part11.

Available in three different size units to suit your specific requirements (96mm x 96mm to 292mm x 292mm), our Electroserv+ recorders are easy to use and provide remote viewing, custom graphics, email/text message alerts, web browsing, math, logic and much more.

We also supply large internal flash memories with secure data recording, audit trail and electronic signatures.

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