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Process Controllers

Here at Electroserv+ we work with the leading global specialists in measurement and instrumentation for process control applications and offer our customers a comprehensive range of temperature, pressure and flow controllers and alarm units.

With over 40 years of control expertise, Electroserv+ offers you full support from technical pre-sales advice to full commissioning services. We recognise that sometimes you need people who understand your process controller requirements to help you make the right choices. Our team is with you every step of the way.

We offer automatic self-tune to calculate optimum PID parameters - reducing your engineering time and providing straight line control response.

When you order a proportional-integral-derivative (PID) Eurotherm or West controller from Electroserv+ you can specify what you need - input types, control functions and output signals - and we will ship the instrument to you pre-configured so you can use it straight out of the box.

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Huge Range of Process Controllers

Temperature Controllers

At Electroserv+ we understand the importance of temperature and system accuracy.

Our Batch Controllers dispense liquids, solids or components and have isolated control outputs so that one, two or even three stage control can be performed.

With a square root extractor and 16 point adjustable linearizer, our controllers accept a pulse or a 4/20mA input and can be used with almost any flowmeter.

You can select user screens that will only provide essential information to the operator, available in three languages (English, French and German). External control push buttons can also be connected.

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Pressure / Level Controllers

We know that pressure plays a critical role in the manufacturing process. Pressure measurement and control can be very important to a process as an over pressure could ruin the product or even cause asset damage. The controller plays a crucial role in doing just that, controlling the pressure to a safe and productive value. The output from the controller can offer a variety of operations dependent upon the loop, for example it could drive a control valve from 0 to 100% or it could speed up / slow down a variable speed drive, both of which would have a direct impact on the pressure. Electroserv+ engineers can assist you in the set up and commissioning of this device to achieve accurate pressure control by utilising the PID tuning facility within our pressure controllers.

Level control will be required if any fluid or gasses are stored or pass through tanks or vessels. Level measurement is a necessity in almost all process manufacturing facilities such as food & beverage, chemical, oil & gas and many more. The level in a tank will be monitored and in most cases controlled so that it does not empty or overflow but stays at a 'controlled' level and this is where a level controller plays an important role. A level transmitter will give an actual process value back to the controller. Then by the input of a set point in the controller an output is calculated to either open or close a control valve. Electroserv+ engineers can assist you in the set up and commissioning of this device to achieve accurate level control by utilising the PID tuning facility within our level controllers.

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Oven / Furnace Controllers

At Electroserv+ we design, install and calibrate temperature control systems for ovens, kilns, driers and laboratories. A heat treatment process takes place generally in a Kiln, Oven or a Furnace. Industry type normally dictates which term is used.

Electroserv+ works across numerous industries and have often found, for example that aerospace normally use the term Oven and Ceramics use the term Kiln. Electroserv+ has a range of controllers to suit these applications perfectly.

Our range is split into three tiers of function complexity, meaning our engineers can specify the best product fit at the best cost to aid your budget requirements. Electroserv+ has specific products and support to supply, install and commission any part of your Kiln, Oven or Furnace control system:

  • Temperature controllers
  • Pressure Controllers
  • Afterburner Controllers
  • Temperature and Pressure Programmers
  • Oxygen Controllers
  • Over-temperature Controllers
  • Gas Controllers
  • Combustion controllers
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