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Pressure Measurement

Whether you’re measuring liquids, gases or anything in-between, Electroserv+ offers a range of pressure transmitters to cover most of the process industry. These include gauge, absolute and differential pressure devices.

We have a wide range of sensor technologies available and can supply you with a perfect fit for any kind of application.

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Pressure Gauges

From sanitary rated to marine applications, Electroserv+ has a huge range of pressure gauges to suit any process application in any industry.

Our trained engineers are happy to talk you through the many options available in terms of dial size, range, fill type (glycerine, water, oil etc), process connection size and position, mounting options (surface, panel), wetted parts material, flange requirement, diaphragm requirement and accessory options –such as pig tail or U tube etc.

Electroserv+ will help you specify your exact pressure gauge requirements.

Pressure Transmitters

If you would like to measure the pressure greater than atmospheric but not lower, you need a gauge pressure transmitter.

If your required measurement is zero-referenced against a perfect vacuum, you need an absolute transmitter.

If you want to measure the pressure between high and low points, you need a differential pressure transmitter.

Electroserv+ offers a wide range of pressure transmitters to cover all of these requirements.