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Non-Contact Temperature Measurement

Using technology from Micro Epsilon, Electroserv+ supplies infrared temperature sensors and thermal imaging cameras from one of the largest catalogue ranges worldwide.

Electroserv+ categorises the sensors into several different product groups, each designed for specific applications.

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Thermal Imaging Cameras

At Electroserv+ our thermal imaging cameras are designed for high speed, high accuracy measurement.

The thermoIMAGER series cameras are rugged despite their compact size. They measure 45mm x 45mm x 62mm and weigh 250g, with a high speed frame rate of up to 128 Hz TIM160, and offer very high accuracy, with thermal resolutions of 80mK and 40mK available.

Infrared Temperature Sensors

The CT Series offered by Electroserv+ covers an extremely wide range of sensor variants, wavelengths, optical resolutions and spot sizes.

The infrared temperature sensors in the CT series are durable, robust and reliable, with a long life expectancy – ideal for industrial use.

Infrared temperature sensors with laser aiming

For high performance measurement with integrated laser aiming, Electroserv+ offers infrared temperature sensors from CT Laser.

The CT Laser gives an exact spot diameter at any point in the measurement range unlike many IR thermometers that have a single laser pointer denoting the centre of the measuring spot. This innovative feature greatly reduces measurement errors due to misalignment.

Infrared temperature sensors with integrated video

The new video pyrometers from Electroserv+ allow both video and crosshair laser sighting for optimum measurement set up and adjustment of correct sensor ‘spot size’.

ThermoMETER, CTvideo and CSvideo also feature adjustable focus video which enables snapshot recording of the measurement process for future playback or documenting.

Fibre optic ratio pyrometer

Electroserv+ offers a glass fibre, two-colour ratio thermometer for extreme temperature measurements.

The ratiometric principle minimizes measurement errors caused by intensity change, such as contamination due to dust or fumes, low emissivity and partial spot size coverage of the target.

Infrared temperature sensor with integrated controller

At Electroserv+ we offer the best priced miniaturised temperature sensors with integrated controllers for stationary applications.

Handheld IR cameras and pyrometer

The Electroserv+ range of handheld thermal imagers and miniature pyrometers are ideally suited for fast and mobile temperature measurement. Universally usable, they provide fast results in many situations.