Installation of visual sensors on storage tanks at a Cosmetic/Pharmaceutical packaging company


The customer uses a manual filling process from tanker to storage tank in an ATEX zoned area.

The customer has a visual sensor mounted on the storage tank but wanted to incorporate a warning system to warn the driver that the tank is almost full.

The customer also requires a similar solution to the above for their effluent holding tank to stop any overspills.


7 weeks from initial site visit to installation and documentation

SOLUTION (Phase 1 – Ethanol Tank)

Once checked for suitability, we utilised the customer’s existing 4-20mA level sensor/display mounted on the tank in an ATEX zone 1 area. Using their 4-20mA (I.S. Signal) from the existing display, it provided the main signal into our new Beka display enclosure.

The Beka control unit used can accept a 4-20mA (I.S.) input signal, to provide required visual readout of the tank level in % from empty to a suitable full level. It also provides the intelligence to operate the sounder / beacon at the desired configurable ‘fill’ level. We also incorporated a mute function for the sounder enabling the system to hold it’s ‘full’ status and so the operator can stop the noise.
Provision is in place for future automation of the current shut off valve to an ‘automated’ function.

The customer provided and installed power and routings in readiness for our installation once the location had been agreed to save time.

Our system solution/operator control unit was mounted in the safe area providing:
a) an ergonomic location for the operator.

b) cost effective equipment, as located outside of the ATEX area.

c) the customer’s required outside environmental protection level.

SOLUTION (Phase 2 – Effluent Tank)

Again, we utilised the customer’s existing 4-20mA level devise mounted on the existing safe area tank.

The customer confirmed classification of area as ‘safe’ regardless of waste product variations. We were able to install the same solution and method as phase 1, enabling cost savings and efficiencies of operation.


The customer came to us with a problem and we were able to provide a solution to that problem, within the agreed timeframe and budget.

There were 2 phases to the project and we completed each phase in order of importance. We also provided ATEX certification following our final inspection.

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