Carbon Footprint Reduction

We are working to reduce our carbon footprint for our business and our customers.

Flow rig

Our calibration laboratory in Bramley means that we can meet the needs of our customers in the south, therefore preventing longer journeys transporting devices.  It also means our engineers are travelling less and we’re using less packaging by transporting fewer devices.

Electric Vehicle (EV) Charge Points

We have installed Electric Vehicle (EV) charge points at both our Macclesfield and Bramley locations.

30% of our vehicles are EVs (June 2022) and our target is to have 100% EV by 2026.

Digitising customer issues

The growth in video calling allows us to assess customer issues, where possible, virtually, without the need to travel to customer locations.

Calibration Certificates

We no longer supply paper calibration certificates for our customers.  Instead, customers have access to an online portal where we can upload the certificates electronically.  This is a free of charge service to our customers.